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Smart Village Minigrid Overview

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Electric Needs Survey in Rwanda

In Rwanda (and many other developing countries), little opportunity exists for small rural villages to connect to the national electric grid. The creation of a microgrid (or mini-grid) will provide these localities with access to an energy source while creating opportunity to be connected to a larger national grid in the future. The ultimate objectives of this project are to design and field test modular clean energy microgrids and develop an integrated micro-utility approach as a catalyst to rural economic development. This process of rural electrification can enhance livelihoods by advancing family health, access to clean water, crop irrigation and processing, small business development, internet education and communication, and village wealth formation.



To enhance the livelihood of Rwanda’s rural village residents and accelerate rural development by establishing a Smart Village Minigrid, built on clean energy and focused on community wellbeing and local ownership by:

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