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Smart Village Microgrid Project Team

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Smart Village Minigrid Project Team

Dan Zimmerle

Daniel Zimmerle
Energy Institute, Research Associate
Contribution: Technology development, leveraging recent work and ≈$300K in current funding for related controls technology. Experimental work will use power research lab at Powerhouse, and an expected equipment donation from Schneider. 

Principal Investigator

 Dale Manning Dale Manning
Agricultural and Resource Economics, Assistant Professor
Contribution: Leverage existing funds to design and carry out longitudinal VAS study.
 Kathleen Galvin Kathleen Galvin
Anthropology, Professor
Contribution: Provide guidance and input on Village Assessment Survey (VAS) and social science methodologies.
 Eric Aoki Eric Aoki 
Communication Studies, Professor
Contribution: Tracking how electricity access impacts the flow of communication/information and how it impacts the community and culture over time. Assist with VAS study. Aoki’s training is in Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication and Co-cultural Communication and his current work focuses on rural/agricultural community work in California.
 Juyeon Park Juyeon Park
Design and Merchandising, Associate Professor
Contribution: Developing user-friendly interfaces to technology adoption. Director of the human body dimensioning facility; her work, is currently funded by USDA, CSU Ventures, OVPR, and CHHS.

 Jerry Duggan

Jerry Duggan
Energy Institute, SVM Lab Manager
Contribution: Oversee day to day operation of the Smart Village Microgrid Laboratory at the CSU Powerhouse Energy Campus and control software for distributed minigrid.

Alison Anson
Sociology, Master's student
Contribution: Project management/coordination and Village Assessment Survey (VAS) development.

 Peter Young

Peter Young
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor
Contribution: Control technology development, utilizing past experience in robust and learning control system and extensive Microgrid (MG) work.

 Keith Paustian Keith Paustian
Soil and Crop Science, Professor
Contribution: Advise/integrate agricultural systems into project, including both links to agricultural development and use of biomass for energy.
 Paul Hudnut

Paul Hudnut
Management, Instructor; interim director GSSE MBA program
Contribution: Business structure and development, identify recent GSSE graduates (or similar) to lead business development, advise on business model options, micro- utility structures and partner integration.

Energy Institute Member Organizations

Center for Energy and Behavior Center for Energy Development and Health Center for Energy Water Sustainability Center for Laser Sensing and Diagnostics Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics Center for the New Energy Economy Electric Power Systems Laboratory Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory Industrial Assessment Center Institute for the Built Environment Rural Energy Center Sustainable Biofuels Development Center